Caitlin Guertin


Caitlin Guertin

About Caitlin Guerin

Caitlin came to Dog Pad Inc. 11 years ago interested in a summer job. Tory knew her parents and knew Dog Pad would be a perfect fit for her. At only 17 years old and still in high school she worked part-time as a kennel attendant and a doggie bus driver around her school responsibilities.

Caitlin’s love for dogs if very apparent with her first Bernese mountain dog, Tucker who quickly became a great Dog Pad Mascot. After graduating high school she told Tory she was going to attend SDSU and pursue a degree in Elementary Education. Tory was heartbroken to loose such an amazing employee.

Once settled into college Tory will never forget Caitlin calling and saying she wanted to come back to work on weekends and holidays when she wasn’t attending college. So she was back Yippee!! She made the trek home from Brookings every weekend and holiday break the next 4 years and worked at Dog Pad. Then came college graduation and Tory was heartbroken again as she was going to go pursue her “Real Job”. Caitlin student taught and substitute taught for the next year and a half still picking up any hours at Dog Pad that would fit her busy schedule.

Then Tory got the best news the following fall. Caitlin wanted to work at Dog Pad full-time and was of course welcomed with open arms. Caitlin now has 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs (Mascots Suter & Elsa), has since gotten married, and has a future Dog Pad Employee “Baby Lou” was born in 2020.

Caitlin is a true asset to Dog Pad Inc. and it shows through her love and affection to all our canine clients, her own family of fur kids and a truly amazing friendship she and Tory have.