Dog Pad Daycare
is like NO Other

Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured. All dogs must be fully vaccinated.

Dog Pad will come to your house, pick up your dog(s) with our van and bring them to the Dog Pad for a day of play. The day is spent socializing with other friendly and fun dogs where the dogs can expend their energy and enjoy their day.

  • Open play yard supervised by our Staff
  • Balls and toys
  • Plenty of water to drink
  • Spring/Summer swimming pool
  • Treats and breaks to rest and recharge over 35,000 square feet of cage less indoor and outdoor play areas
  • We adjust outdoor play time during the cold winter days, switching to regular 15 to 20 minute outside breaks and allowing the dogs more time inside to warm up and play.
  • Prior to our 3:30pm departure to return all of our canine friends to their homes, we will be sure to give a quick bath to any of the pups that may have gotten dirty.
  • Busy owner
  • Socialization
  • Separation anxiety
  • Exercise for your dog
  • Obedience skills
  • A day of play
    hassle free! You call to schedule, we handle the rest.
  • Great for winter days when you aren’t up for heading outside with your dog.
  • Huge fenced in play yard, your dog can safely run, play, and have fun with other dogs
  • Perfect for your long days of running to appointments, without the guilt of leaving your pup home alone.
  • We are a great solution for keeping your dog socialized and in shape over the winter.
  • Doggy daycare clients that live in the SW Metro and South of the Minnesota River have access to Dog Pad’s FREE pick-up and drop off service.
  • Please be sure to let your dog out to go potty before the Dog Pad bus arrives.
  • Garage Door Keypad – We will use your keypad code to safely access your dog for their daycare pick-up. This will allow us to quickly get your canine kid on the Dog Bus. During the Winter months, we ask that you make sure the batteries are working and the keypad isn’t frozen shut.
  • Winter Weather Plan – If the school district in your city is closed due to winter weather, the Dog Pad bus will not be running to your city.