Dog Pad Boarding
is like NO other!

Dog Pad will come to your house, pick up your dog(s) with the bus and bring them to Dog Pad.

During the day, your dog will be with all of the other daycare pups.

At around 3:30, the Day care doggies get on the bus to be taken home to sleep on their own pillows. The overnight clients rest inside for a bit while we get all of the daycare dogs returned home.

As soon as we return, the dogs get their dinner, a little more rest time, and then a final block of time outside to stretch their legs.

Once inside, it’s time for our overnight guests to settle in for the night on a cot with a pillow or in their own crate

  • Only 100% cage-free boarding facility in the Metro area.
    35,000 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor play area.
  • Owner lives on the property ...Overnight guests have 24-hour supervision with cameras feeding into house
  • Dog Pad is a NutriSource dog food reseller, meaning you can also purchase food for your dog directly from us.
  • Food and baths are included in boarding fees.
  • Free Pick-up/Delivery in the southwest metro area.
  • Loft area in clubhouse with dog cots for evening belly rubs and a soft cushy bed at lights out.
  • Tour prior to booking is required to ensure Dog Pad and Client are comfortable with our facility, rules, and accommodations.

6:30am - Wake-up and out to go outside 
7:00am - Breakfast Time 
9:00am - Daycare dogs arrive to play with overnight guests (weekdays only) 
1:00pm - Rest time
3:30pm - Daycare dogs depart for day; Rest time for overnight guests. 
6:00pm - Stretch the legs for a while and then Dinner time. 
8:30pm – Outside time and stretch legs one last time before... 
9:00pm - Lights out 

  • Dog Pad Gives full baths to all of its Boarding customers prior to heading home
  • Dog Pad Cleans up the Daycare Dogs prior to Bus Ride home as needed
  • Dogs are fed Nutri Source, the premium (4 Star Rated) house supplied Food.
  • Customers may bring in their own food if they wish.
  • We do have a few Crates, if your dog is more comfortable sleeping in one...or you may bring your own.